If you could only use one ad creative for your Facebook ads…


August 1, 2023

There’s one type of ad creative which is super effective! Why? Because it feels more natural and much less ‘marketing-y’! Read on to find out more.

If you could only use one ad creative for your Facebook ads…

Make it a UGC problem + solution ad!

As a growing eComm brand you will be only too familiar with the problem that you’ve solved for your target audience.

Now you want to speak to those potential customers and show them how you’ve done it.

Hint: your product IS the solution 😉

UGC is effective because what others say about you is often seen as more credible than what you say about yourself. And if that person happens to be an influencer with an established and loyal following who’s audience matches your target shoppers…then that credibility is supercharged!

The 6 best UCG content types to try on Facebook

#1 The Testimonial

Usually a single person, taking selfies and giving a review of your product. It can include an unboxing so that your potential customers can see what the entire experience is like.

This format is also great for retargeting people who’ve visited your website but not yet bought anything. Showing them this type of ad once they’ve left your site can drive them back to complete the purchase.

#2 The Compilation

Think of this like those mix tapes you used to make for your friends! All your best songs on a double sided cassette!

A UGC compilation is where you take several of the single testimonials and make them into a story. You end up with multiple reviews and testimonials in a single piece of content—usually a video which keeps viewers’ attention for longer.

Choose the best parts of each review, add in headlines, text and statistics to give potential customers lots of evidence that yours is the right product for them.

Test this format against the single testimonial to see which works best for your brand.

#3 Instagram Stories

If you don’t have lots of UGC, then use the Instagram stories that people have posted about your products in your Facebook ads. You can use either a single image or the video itself.

This is a great format because it does not feel like an ad at all because the content wasn’t designed to be!

Remember you’re testing these formats against each other for your brand. So let them run until you have enough data so you can compare each ad type.

#4 TikToks

Using TikToks created by your customers or followers in your Facebook ads is really effective. The cross-platform experience will grab people’s attention and is particularly helpful if your product is targeted at a younger audience who use TikTok.

#5 Single Images

Use images from UGC where people have tagged your brand.

As well as testing against the other content types, you can play around with this format too! Try using a slide slow to cycle through lots of images from multiple customers, a carousel or just single images and add your own headline.

#6 Borders

Add a border to the UGC that use use in the ad to make it feel more like your brand.

Then add headlines or subtitles for those who scroll social media with sound off to make sure the content is understandable.

So, how do you get UGC in the first place?

You can wait for happy customers to post their own content. If you want to speed up getting more UGC then add a request to your post purchase email comms. Incentivise customers with a discount or free product as a thank you for creating a review or video about their experience with your products.

Alternatively, identify and reach out to some influencers you’d love to work with. Once they’ve said yes (woohoo!) follow these steps to get the best out of the partnership:


  • Set your budget
  • Brief the creator with as much info as possible
  • Examples go a long way in helping in this process
  • Provide them with details on how the products work and what you want to see them doing with the products

Help them get to know you

  • Be clear on your objectives for the content
  • Tell them your brand and story
  • Highlight any brand dos and don’ts
  • Educate theme about your target audience
  • You can also suggest a brainstorm session to get their ideas too!

Give them specifics

  • Shoot in good lighting
  • Film all content vertically
  • Add an extra 1-3 seconds to the beginning and end of all clips
  • Turn off anything that will add background noise
  • Wear plan clothing without brands/logos visible
  • Tell them what setting or background you expect

Storyboards can help clarify expectations

  • Provide a sample script
  • Define the type of content (testimonial, review, product trial)
  • Describe what you want them to be doing in the clip
  • Encourage them to make it authentic!

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