A Leading Performance Marketing Agency Built For Ecommerce

Foresight is the premiere performance marketing agency designed exclusively for female founded ecommerce brands.

Performance marketing agencies are simply digital marketing agencies that focus on marketing channels and activities that generate business performance outcomes like more revenue, more sales and more profit. When it comes to ecommerce, that is all we eat, sleep and dream about!

How We Do Digital Marketing Better For Women

Performance marketing is about more than just digital marketing, media buying, and ad creative production; it’s about:

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Deeply understanding the target audience and the digital channels you use
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Building a sustainable digital strategy that considers your business growth
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Applying the relentless pursuit of excellence to serve clients the results you deserve.

Foresight is a performance marketing company built by women, for women.

Some Love From eCommerce Businesses We Work With

"The Foresight team understood my brand and my messaging so quickly. I think what makes them different is not only the detail they go into but the care factor about your business. I felt reassured and confident at every step with Foresight and am now loving the scaling process. I could not recommend them highly enough"

Founder, BabyDink

A smiling mother walking outside with a baby wrapped in a fabric carrier around her front. She also holds a toddler's hand who walks alongside her. On top of the image is a crop of a sales dashboard, showing line graphs trending upwards for "Total sales" (up 9%) and "Sales attributed to marketing" (up 211%).

"Just imagine finding a digital marketing agency who knows their stuff, delivers what they promise, and you know have your best interests at heart... That may sound too good to be true, but that's honestly how I feel about Michelle and the team at Foresight Digital."

Alison Edgar
Founder, Surf Society

A bird's eye view photo of two young women paddling on surboards. On top of the image is a crop of an ad campaign dashboard, with the heading "Surf Society Ad Account", and 3 ad sets with ROAS (return on ad spend) of 31.76, 13 and 13.22.

"What I have appreciated most from Michelle and the team is the genuine desire to help build our brand, with everything put to us in a way that is easy to understand, something rare in this space."

Bronwyn Papantonio
Founder, The Maternity Market

A crop of a pregnant belly with two hands surrounding the bellybutton in a heart formation. On top of the image is a crop of an ad campaign dashboard, with the heading "The Maternity Market Ad Account", and 2 campaigns with Purchase ROAS (return on ad spend) of 7.5 and 5.49.

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