How We Help Female Founders

We specialise in supporting every aspect of helping female entrepreneurs and founders of DTC ecommerce brands to grow with advertising.

And we’ve delivered over $100 million in revenue from our paid media investments to prove it
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While Foresight does more than just paid ads, that’s where we start. Why? You get results quickly, build confidence, and can access the cash needed to invest in growth programs and channels that take longer to develop and grow.

Who are we made for

Female founder brands and entrepreneurs who choose us tend to be struggling with one of these all-too-relateable barriers to success.

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They’re growing fast and want to capitalise further on that momentum
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Their ads effectiveness has plateaued and they don’t know how to move the needle
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Their return on ad spend from paid channels has decreased or plummeted
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They’ve been managing ads themselves and reached the limit of their own knowledge, or want more time to spend on other parts of their business

They often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unable to understand why ads aren’t working, especially if they did in the past.

Here’s how we helped these women, and how we can help support you:
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Scale Up Female Founder Pack

Your average monthly online store revenue is around $20,000 and you’re ready to SCALE

You get ads done for you, full access to resources in our marketing academy library and bi-weekly group marketing coaching done with you from $1,970-$3,970 a month. Don’t delay, our client waitlist is often 3 months out. Your guaranteed start date and position with us can be secured once we finalise your proposal.

What happens once I book a call?
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Startup Female Founder Pack

Shopify only
Your monthly average online store revenue is less than $20,000

You’ll get access to the entire Foresight academy program, with 50+ hours of value-packed content and new videos, resources, templates and step by step how-to guides being added every month.

Plus access our bi-weekly group coaching session with Foresight’s founder. All for just $199 monthly or $1,970 for 12 months. Places are limited.

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Signature Ads Audit

If you’re a female startup founder who loves the idea of scaling up your ecomm store with us but you’d rather dip your toe in the water, this one’s for you.

Or perhaps you’re not at the expansion stage but you want to understand what you need to do to get there, this is for you too!

We’ll get access to your ad accounts and review performance, highlighting the most critical issues and changes we recommend — so you can get a taste for how we apply our knowledge and our expertise.

$2,000 value for just $499


Once you purchase, we’ll send instructions on next steps including how to give us access to your accounts and a meeting booking calendar.


Do you only work with female founded or women led ecommerce brands?
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Do you act as investors for the ecommerce brands you work with?
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