Google launches music mood ad targeting


May 30, 2023

Google adds music mood line up targeting 🎶 🎸🎹

What is it?

Google announced they’ve launched 5 types of Music Mood Lineups: Romantic, Happy & Uplifting, Chill, Downbeat, and Funky Moods in Google Ads for 20 countries.

That means when someone is listening to or watching a music playlist on YouTube, you can target them based on the general mood of that playlist.

What would you use it for?

To connect your product with where your audience is at emotionally.

For instance you might choose Romantic for Valentines Day, Happy and Uplifting for Mothers Day.

Vevo launched the same feature previously. We wonder if they’ve partnered to bring that AI to Google, or if it’s a straight feature rip off.

How do you access it?

It’s available in topic targeting when you create a new YouTube video campaign.

Not yet available in PerformanceMax from what we can see, but we’re hoping the targeting is expanded there soon, especially given PerformanceMax already includes automatic YouTube ad placement


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