Content + Paid Media = Maximum ROI


June 4, 2023

Use paid media and content marketing together to drive ROI.

Ever thought about running ads to promote your best performing content to engage with your target audience?

Start by looking at your existing organic traffic to find out which content on your site and social channels is getting the most visits, likes, comments and clicks. These are called your rockstar articles or posts. The ones that people just love love love.

And this is where you focus your paid budget.

Then you can begin to promote these with paid campaigns on social using your customer demographics and interests to target specific audiences.

Make sure the content has a call to action for the reader so that you can measure this as a conversion goal. This doesn’t have to be an immediate sale. It could be:

  • sign up to email
  • follow on social
  • like, comment or share

This technique should see your reach grow and customers visit your site and get to know your brand!


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